Man dives into Dumpster by choice

Activist seeks donations to help homeless

PASADENA, Texas - A Texas man is giving up his bed for 72 hours to live inside a Dumpster.

Lang Cassidy volunteered to live in the bin with only his Bible and a 6-foot sign asking for donations. He started his mission on Thursday to help the homeless.

According to our Houston affiliate, KHOU-TV, Cassidy set a goal to collect 600 items for the needy. The 50-year-old was brought to tears by all the support.

"You know, I wanted this to be big and God's going to make it big for me," says Cassidy, "This is great."

Donation after donation, Cassidy's message has spread across the community. People have stopped by to give food, blankets and clothes.

Cassidy, who works for a homeless outreach, will give the donations to the homeless around the city starting Tuesday. More than the donations though, Cassidy hopes his message will inspire others to pay it forward.

"When they see someone who is in the Dumpster, you know, they realize there are people out there who are like this and just willing to give the jacket or shirt of their back," Cassidy said, "It's awesome."

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