Man faces large fine for starting brush fire on Thanksgiving

Dumped embers from bonfire sparked 50-acre blaze

HUNTERS CREEK, Fla. - Paul Moriarty said he has no remorse for his neighbor, who accidentally started a 50-acre brush fire in Hunters Creek on Thanksgiving.

"He put so many people in jeopardy, and so many lives in jeopardy, and so many houses in jeopardy. That's unforgivable, to be that careless," he said.

The fire is still not completely put out, according to Florida Forest Service officials, who are now getting the bill ready for the homeowner who admitted to starting the blaze.

Officials told Local 6 the neighbor will have to pay the cost of all the firefighters and equipment that flooded the neighborhood to fight the flames.

"There was a lot of resources used. I mean, the fire department was out here for a good three days," said Peter Menga, who lives in the neighborhood.

The neighbor told officials he was dumping embers from a day-old bonfire pit in his back yard on Los Palma Vista Drive.

Local 6 spoke to the neighbor, who didn't want to go on camera, but said he's very sorry for what happened.

"It's a good thing nobody died, and we didn't lose any homes," said Annie Acosta, a resident in the area.

Officials said they're still investigating the fire, and haven't said if the neighbor will be facing charges.

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