Man fights off burglars with pepper spray

Man says he's normally heavily armed with knives, gun, or stun gun

ORLANDO, Fla. - Police are searching for three bold burglars who broke into homes while people were inside -- one woman was sleeping, while a man confronted the intruders and went after them with pepper spray.

The crimes happened Tuesday morning at the Hidden Creek Condos off Oxalis and Curry Ford Road.

Residents are worried because the complex is gated, well-lit, and there's a security guard on the property. Even so, the burglars are still breaking in.

"Scary. Very, very scary," said Gigi Carlo, who was asleep when someone broke into her sliding glass door and tried to get inside. "I was home alone."

Thankfully, something stopped the burglars from ransacking her house, but she fears she could have been a victim like her neighbor two doors down.

George Gonzalez came home to find three men rifling through his stuff.

"Surprised there was that many people in my house," said Gonzalez. "I was mad and I chased them."

It seems they're walking through these backyards and hitting houses one by one. Neighbors think they're using the air conditioning units to climb the fence and get inside the back patios.

But once they were inside Gonzalez's house, he was prepared. Gonzalez said he fought them off and shot them with pepper spray.

Gonzalez said the three young men were lucky, because he's normally heavily armed with knives, a gun, or a stun gun.

Arming herself is a drastic step the mother next door must now consider doing. Carlo worries about coming face to face with burglars who already fought a man.

"Pray that they don't come back and that nothing happens, but my husband says he's got something ready for them if they try," said Carlo.

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