Man kept driving with deputy hanging onto truck, Marion County deputies say

Abdiel Toribio arrested, charged on multiple counts after incident

MARION COUNTY, Fla. - A deputy's wild ride clinging to a steering wheel and open door as a driver speeds off was caught on camera in Marion County.

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The deputy was trying to put handcuffs on the driver, 42-year-old Abdiel Toribio, Sunday evening after a traffic stop for expired tags.

As the driver's door was open Toribio hit the gas and the deputy had no choice but to jump in, hang on and pray he didn't fall.

"Turn your body. Face that window. Put your hands behind your back," Deputy Christopher Frost is heard saying on the video. "Listen, if you don't listen to me, you're going to get in more trouble."

But Toribio also had a suspended driver's license and apparently didn't want to go to jail. Despite giving Toribio commands to relax and to listen, the driver saw handcuffs and stepped on the accelerator.

Clinging on to the wheel, the deputy kept shouting for the driver to stop and tried to reach for the keys in the ignition. Toribio finally stopped 40 yards away, but it was five seconds that deputy thought could have killed him.

Halfway in and halfway out, the deputy wrote in his report he "began to stumble and lose balance as the defendant accelerated" and was "in fear of getting run over by the rear tires."

Toribio is a veteran jockey with millions in wins, and was not home when Local 6 tried to reach him for comment.

Toribio was charged with resisting an officer with violence, driving while license suspended or revoked for DUI, unregistered motor vehicle and attaching an unassigned tag.


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