Man linked to alleged online dating scheme had own friends fooled

Friend says he thought Scott Campbell had millions

ORLANDO, Fla. - Scott Campbell, the so-called "playboy conman," has been lying to his inner circle of friends for years according to a source who says Campbell would always brag about "all the millions he had."

In an email to Local 6 the source says Campbell created an image of wealth and success claiming to own a yacht, helicopter and a prosperous recording studio.

"He would always go (around) town with an entourage of at least 5 or 6 people walking behind him," he said.

The source, who we will call "John," says Campbell had his personal secretary in tow everywhere he went and was the kind of guy people either loved or hated.

Investigators say Campbell's wealth was actually financed by the money he received from women who thought they were investing in his company's TV talent show called "Give Me a Chance."

Major Tod Goodyear of the Brevard County Sheriff's Criminal Division, says many of Campbell's alleged victims filed for bankruptcy after handing over cash from 401-k's and second mortgages.

His victims say Campbell always pushed for $100,000 to get them a "full investment" partnership.

Police say it was all a lie.

Campbell's shattered image shocked many of his friends, according to John.

"When we saw the news we were all shocked, we really believed he was worth millions, he truly is an interesting character," John said.

Campbell's sideshow included two borrowed Mercedes and a stretch RV.

John, who claims to have known Campbell for years, says once the Local 6 stories were broadcast all his "poker buddies started joking around and conspiring" to turn him in for reward money.

Campbell wasn't laughing and, according to John, has stopped going to the card games.

His victims say gambling is part of Campbell's lifestyle.

One woman, who claims to have met Campbell on an online dating site three years ago, recalls ending up at a private home in Kissimmee where a handful of men and one woman were gathered for a poker game.

"He knew the people there. When I met him, he was with another guy," she says, "They pretty much ignored me."

Now it appears Campbell's friends are ignoring him. If you have information regarding Campbell you are asked to call the Brevard County Sheriff's office

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