Man masked as 'Jason' caught peeping

Peeper: Bobby Harris, known sex offender

ORLANDO, Fla. - A man seen wearing a Jason mask and peering into a family's window was arrested after the local neighbors said it was the last straw for the wanted sex offender.

Neighbors spotted Bobby Harris, 53, looking into a window along Starke Lake Circle in Ocoee, while he was wearing a Halloween mask on October 20. Police said he was peeping on a mom and her three girls, and that mom went after him with her gun.

"He was trying to get inside the door. Pretty scary. He was wearing a Jason mask," said Carmine Santiago, who saw Harris looking into her neighbor's house. She recognized him from fliers police handed out just weeks before.

"I don't know what his intentions were to get in, but there's no telling," said Betsy Cornele. " (I was) Scared and ready to get the gun."

The mother of three grabbed her handgun, ran outside and fired three warning shots into the ground. That scared him off, and eventually authorities arrested Harris.

Harris is a registered sex offender, convicted of lewd acts on a child in 1996. According to a recent police report, he also got caught with his pants down, touching himself at a Bealls outlet.

Harris has convictions for sex offenses against children dating as far back as 1991.

Recently, authorities were hunting him down because he's not living at his registered address. Instead, parents spotted him in his childhood neighborhood. Neighbors have seen him around there since April.

Parents hope this time he stays in prison.

"We'll take matters into our own hands if we have to to protect our kids," said Cornele.

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