Man on ATV exposes himself to woman, daughter

Neighbor, David Shadron, arrested

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A mother trying to keep her children and family safe from a speeder found herself the victim of a disgusting crime.

She called police, but when she went out to confront the guys, one of them exposed himself.

When Laura Kinney's neighbor dropped his pants, she pulled out her phone and began snapping photos.

Although the pictures appear to only show him in his underwear, deputies said they provided enough evidence to make an arrest.

"That's what he does," said Kinney. "He pulls his pants all the way down and he puts his hands up and started walking to me, so I started taking pictures with my cellphone."

Kinney said she's had run-ins with her neighbor, David Shadron, before, but never like Sunday night.

Kinney told deputies Shadron and a friend were racing an ATV down her street at a dangerously high rate of speed.

"I walked out in the road to confront him, to tell him to slow down, because we have first graders, and we have kindergarteners living on this road," said Kinney. "Plus, I have a daughter. I don't want him driving that fast."

Kinney said her neighbor gave her the middle finger, then showed her something else.

"That's when he pulls down his pants and starts exposing himself to me," Kinney said.

Moments later, Kinney's husband drove up in this truck.

"He was hanging right here on this thing, trying to get this open," said Gregory Kinney.

Gregory believes his neighbor was going to get inside the truck and attack him.

"I actually thought I was going to have to stab him," Gregory said.

"He was so drunk and out of control, and we're talking four o'clock in the afternoon," Laura told Local 6.

Laura said Shadron has exposed his rear end to her teenage daughter in the past., but deputies would not arrest him.

"Because i took a picture of him exposing himself to me, I think the sheriff finally listened," Laura said.

Shadron is locked up on charges of lewd and lascivious behavior, as well as assault, battery, and attempted burglary for allegedly trying to break into the truck.

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