Man pays $1,666 bill at Waffle House

Restaurant blames sticky cash register button

PIEDMONT, S.C. - Jim Andrews and his wife enjoyed their breakfast at Waffle House. However, they didn't think it matched the $1,600 bill they ended up paying.

Andrews says the original bill handed to him at the South Carolina restaurant was $16.51. When the cashier swiped his debit card, he noticed the new receipt read $1,666.61.

"I almost had a heart attack," Andrews told WHNS.

Andrews say when he asked Waffle House workers to fix the mistake, he couldn't get any help.

"One of the other waitresses said the 6 on the machine was sticking," Andrews told WHNS. "If I would have known that, I would have paid in cash."

When Andrews checked his bank account, he found the $1,600 charge.

"Luckily I did have enough to cover it," Andrews told WHNS.

Andrews spent the next few days trying to get Waffle House to fix the charge. Finally, Waffle House "apologized and corrected the matter."

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