Man pulls BB gun near Disney in road rage incident, authorities say

Troopers urge drivers to calm down, drive safely

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - Local 6 has learned of another road rage incident in Central Florida where a man is accused of pulling a BB gun on a family who he says cut him off while leaving Disney.

Raul Rojas was jailed on Friday after being accused of pulling a BB gun on a family as he left Disney with his son; angry because they cut him off, according to deputies.

Troopers said they not only see road rage among first-time offenders,  but also among a lot of women.

"They're not people that have long criminal records. They're not people typically involved in this behavior," said Sgt. Kim Montes. "It's people who let their emotions get the best of them."

Driver Craig Cattafi says he's just about seen it all in road rage incidents.
"I've had people flip me off. I've had people shake their fist. I've had people scream and curse," said Cattafi.

Driver Emily Mussard tells Local 6 she is fearful at times on the road.

"You worry if I honk my horn or if I show a little response to this behavior, are they going to pull a gun on me?" she said.

Troopers are reminding drivers that you don't own the space under your car and no frustration is worth your life. The warning comes after two cases of an apparent road rage left one Brevard County car salesman dead and a Flagler Beach firefighter in the hospital.

"This is Florida, everybody here has a weapon. It's a good way to get killed, it's better to say have a nice day and take 5 minutes extra, take your time and you'll be fine," said Cattafi.

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