Man says he was beaten by Orlando IHOP employees over not paying check

Orange County deputies say man was intoxicated, refused to tell what happened

ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando man says he was beaten up by IHOP employees after he tried to leave the restaurant without paying his $9 tab.

Kendall Omdahl, 24, told Local 6 he and his friend went into the IHOP restaurant off International Drive early Saturday morning, ordered pancakes and told the waitress they didn't want them anymore.

"They kept on saying that I needed to pay for my meal and I kept on saying, 'You know, look, I didn't eat anything, I'm not going to pay for this meal,'" Omdahl said.

Omdahl said he was jumped in the parking lot when he walked out.

"They jumped on me, you know, my knee hit the ground and they held me down, they hit me a couple times in the face," Omdahl said.

But an Orange County Sheriff's Office report stated IHOP employees Tremaine Jones and Sean Negron said they chased Omdahl when they realized he'd left the building without paying for his meal and Omdahl tripped and injured himself.

Deputies also said Omdahl's friend came by in a car and flashed a knife at the employees. Omdahl says his friend was trying to help him.

Omdahl was taken to Dr. Phillips Hospital for treatment of a fractured knee, black eye and various bruises and scratches. Omdahl said doctors told him he could have lifelong arthritis in his leg resulting from his injuries.

The OCSO report stated that Omdahl was intoxicated and during the incident and that he yelled profanities at deputies, refusing to tell them what happened and asking for a lawyer.

"As far as being unruly I was just in a lot of pain, I mean, my leg swelled up twice the size of my other leg when that happened," Omdahl said.

No charges have been filed against Omdahl or the IHOP employees.

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