Man smashes police car windows, steals laptop

Superhero lookalikes watch Hollywood Boulevard attack

LOS ANGELES - Superheroes and super villains stood idly by as a Los Angeles man smashed the windows of a police car on Hollywood Boulevard.

Video captured 27-year-old Bruce Borihanh screaming as he smashed in two passenger side windows and the rear window. After his brief rampage, video shows Borihanh reaching into the patrol car and stealing a laptop.

Instead of trying to escape, Borihanh is seen walking to a nearby kiosk to casually use the laptop.

Superhero and super villain performers, such as Superman, Iron Man and Darth Vader, watched as Borihanh attacked the car.

A KTLA-TV photographer, who happened to be on Hollywood Boulevard for a separate shoot, called 911 as he captured the attack.

A group of LAPD officers eventually tackled Borihanh and arrested him.  He faces felony vandalism charges.

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