Man sorts through dog's doo to get $500 back

Headline Goes Here Madison Crawley/SXC

A Montana man was very determined to get $500 after his dog ate it.

Wayne Klinkel, his wife and their golden retriever, Sundance, were taking a road trip to see the Klinkels' daughter and son-in-law in Colorado around Christmas. They left Sundance locked in their vehicle while making a stop for dinner, and also left five $100 bills in a cubbyhole. When they got back, only half of one $100 bill remained, according to the Helena Independent Record.

"Sundance is notorious for eating anything and everything, so right away I knew what happened," Klinkel told the Independent Record.

But Klinkel wasn't willing to take the loss. Instead, he followed his dog around for the remainder of the trip and sorted through his poo to pick out pieces of $100 bills so he could clean them and put them back together. His daughter even brought him a piece of cash he had missed when she later went to visit her parents, according to the Independent Record.

Don't worry about the contaminated cash getting back into circulation, though. Klinkel is trying to get the Department of the Treasury to replace the bills, a process the Independent Record says could take up to two years.