Man uses 'Angry Birds' to propose

Bride-to-be stunned by surprise message

SYDNEY, Australia - One man used his love for Angry Birds to profess his undying love for his girlfriend.

Ben Levi contacted Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, asking for help with his marriage proposal.

"I'm obsessed to the point where Mel jokes about someday, somehow Angry Birds would be involved in our wedding," Levi said. "And what Mel jokes about, I like to make into reality."

Levi says he emailed Rovio, saying, "Hey, strange request, but I'd really love for you to make me an iPad app."

The app developers worked with Levi to create a special level with the message "Marry Me Mel" alongside hearts.

Once the level was completed, Levi brought his girlfriend, Melissa Swift, to a restaurant for a seemingly normal lunch.

However, with hidden cameras rolling, Levi asked Swift to play a game of Angry Birds on his tablet. After completing a few levels, Levi told Swift to choose a special level.

Swift was left stunned when she saw the special message on the screen. Levi got down on one knee as Swift exclaimed, "Oh my God - I'm going to die."

Despite an immense hatred for Angry Birds, Swift was easily won over by the clever proposal and said yes.

Swift told The Huffington Post she has changed her mind about the popular game. She explained she would be "forever grateful" to the game since it took Angry Birds for Levi to finally propose after nine years.

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