'March Madness' brackets hit offices

NCAA tournament brings madness on and off the court

MAITLAND, Fla. - March Madness is officially here- but some studies say the madness isn't just on the court, but in the office as well.

"Every year, any time somebody can get bragging rights and maybe win a few dollars, it's always a big buzz," said Jason "Buckethead" Bailey, an Orlando radio host.

NCAA brackets may be hurting the bottom line.

The Challenger Madness Report found that one third of workers spend at least three hours a day following the tournament during work hours.

The report also says the college tournament will cost American companies at least $134 million in "lost wages" over the first two days of the tournament, as employees watch the games instead of work.

Another study surveyed one thousand managers who said the games will not have an impact on employee productivity.

"In our office, productivity never goes down, but, if it were to go down at this time, I wouldn't be surprised," said Bailey.

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