Marion County deputies respond to video showing cop using stun gun on dad of driver

'Florida Cop Watch' posts cellphone video of cop using physical force, stun gun

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

OCALA, Fla. - The Marion County Sheriff's Office is responding to a video circulating online that shows a deputy using physical force and a stun gun on the father of a driver being pulled over.

[Watch: Raw dash cam video]

The video shows Roy Sherman arriving at the scene of where his son was pulled over by a Marion County deputy for speeding.

In the video shot by Sherman's son in the car, he is heard telling the deputy that his son is autistic.

The deputy tells Sherman to leave, and Sherman is heard refusing.

"All I wanted to say is he's autistic," Sherman is heard saying.

"Get out the vehicle, you're under arrest right now," the deputy replies.

After an edit in the video, the deputy is seen trying to physically pull Sherman out of his truck, and Sherman is seen resisting the deputy's attempt.

After another edit in the video, another deputy is seen using a stun gun on Sherman, who eventually falls to the ground.

"Florida Cop Watch" pushed the video on its social media platforms, claiming the deputy assaulted the father simply for trying to tell him that his son was autistic.

Marion County sheriff's deputies disagree.

Deputies gave Local 6 an unedited copy of the deputy's dash cam video, which caught the audio of the entire incident, including the holes left in the video posted.

You can hear Sherman using foul language in talking to the deputy, and refusing to get out of his truck for more than four minutes before another deputy arrives as back up.

"In the recent case involving our sheriff's deputy, the video placed on-line and on social media is significantly edited and altered for the simple purpose of creating the appearance of abuse where none existed," explained the sheriff's office on its Facebook page in a post yesterday evening.

Deputies say the video edited out segments that show Sherman hitting the accelerator of his truck, dragging one of the deputies a short distance.

They say another segment that was edited out should show Sherman trying to punch one of the deputies.

They also say after Sherman was taken in custody, he apologized to the deputies, saying he didn't know what he was thinking.

The video was posted by Florida Cop Watch, a self-proclaimed police watchdog group based in Marion County.

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