Marion County School Board member talks about 9/11, secret codes at meeting

Off-topic comments leave colleagues confused, others raising questions

OCALA, Fla. - A Marion County School Board member's off-topic comments at the end of Tuesday's meeting left colleagues confused and others raising serious questions.

School Board Vice Chair Angie Boynton spoke directly at the public service camera to an unknown person who she said threatened her, tried to get her to convert to Islam and claimed they held her adult daughter hostage.

"There is someone that is watching this television show tonight that would like for me to respond to some questions for them," said Boynton.

She went on to say various statements without giving much context, such as, "You don't have my daughter hostage," "No, I cannot bow down to Islam," and, "I broke down a code and I sent it to George Bush."

Boynton explained the comments Wednesday night to Local 6 and said the school board meeting was not the right time to make this kind of speech, but said someone threatened her and made her.

After saying she deciphered a code during 9/11, she said the threats started not long after the Marion board discussed how a textbook addressed Islam.

When asked when she got the threat and whether it was written or by telephone, Boynton said, "I can't say all of that. I can't tell you all of that, but there was movement around my house, OK?"

She admits her rambling speech was unprepared and strayed off topic, but now it has raised serious questions. Boynton said when she took the alleged threats to local police, she was asked if she was in therapy.

Boynton told Local 6 she does not have any mental health issues, is not under any medication, and despite the circumstances can still fulfill her duties as an elected official.

"I think there are others that can vouch in spite of any circumstance in my life, I fulfill my job," said Boynton.

Boynton said her life had been threatened at a board meeting before and this time, she wanted to air everything publicly so that any threats could not compromise her position as an elected official.

None of her colleagues on the school board replied to our questions for comment.

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