Marion County teens charged with plotting to kill mom arraigned

Teens wanted to kill girl's parents, Marion County deputies say

OCALA, Fla. - The two Marion County teens that say their love for each other drove them to try to kill a mother faced a judge on Tuesday.

Investigators say 15-year-old Pedro Solis and 13-year-old Yaquelin Don plotted to kill Don's mother in the garage of her home.

The judge said Don intended to escape on her way to the courthouse for the 9 a.m. arraignment, so she was brought into the court room wearing shackles and is now being held in solitary confinement.

For presumably the first time since the attack, Don's mother faced her teen daughter and her accused attacker Pedro Solis. The judge ruled Don is to have no contact with her mother, the victim in this case.

Don's mother wore a scarf around her neck covering her wounds as she stood next to her daughter during the arraignment.

Don and Solis are accused of a murder plot to kill Don's parents.

The two teens were arrested last week after investigators say Don lured her mother to the garage where Solis attacked her with a kitchen knife and slit her throat.

Don's family left the courtroom and would only say they feel bad about what is happening.

Don's arraignment was continued until April 1.

The judge said Solis will be prosecuted as an adult. He will be back in court Wednesday charged as an adult. The judge is recommending he be held without bond.

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