Marlon Brown's ex-wife runs for office, aims to change system that killed husband

Marlon Brown killed, run down by former officer

DeLAND, Fla. - She has long said that the system killed her husband, but now Krystal Brown is trying to change that system, by being part of it, and taking a seat at City Hall.

"(I) probably never ever watched or followed closely what goes on in politics, so this is definitely a change for me," she said.

Krystal is a candidate for Seat 3 on the DeLand City Commission, a campaign that was set in motion when her ex-husband, Marlon Brown, was killed, run down by former officer James Harris last year.

Since that night, the department disciplined four officers involved in the chase, and fired Harris, the driver who ran over Brown. The department later admitted Harris and the other officers should have never pursued Brown's car.

No criminal charges were filed after a grand jury decided not to indict Harris.

Krystal said she's lost trust in the department and as commissioner she'd help rebuild what has been lost.

"We want healing, but it's hard to heal if no one wants to face the facts of why the open wound is there, so those things have to be addressed," Krystal said.

Krystal has one opponent so far -- Jessica Davis, a career counselor for at-risk teens.

"I have no personal agenda, I'm here for the community. I'm here to work for them. I'm an advocate for them. It's not about Jessica, it's about DeLand," Krystal said.

The city of DeLand has no districts so all seats on the City Commission are elected at large. The general election is Aug. 26.

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