Masked duo sought in attempted robbery at Ocala gas station

Gas station clerk calls 911 while on ground, owner says

OCALA, Fla. - Ocala police are still searching for the masked robbers they say were caught on video storming a gas station, pointing what appears to be a gun at a clerk and demanding money.

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Police said the cashier dropped to the ground, grabbed her cellphone and dialed 911 when the gunmen came into BP gas station on Southwest College Road late Thursday night.

According to the gas station owner, the clerk repeatedly told the robbers "the register is locked we don't have money" repeatedly so the 911 dispatcher could hear.

"The robber said 'you have thirty seconds, give me the money,'" the owner said, adding that the cashier's quick thinking is what kept her safe.

The owner said she was pulling up to the gas station as the duo ran out, but the culprits haven't been caught yet.

Contact Ocala police if you have any information on the robbers.


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