Melbourne Beach 11-year-old launches own social media site

GromSocial offers kid-friendly website option

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MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. - A Melbourne Beach pre-teen and his family successfully launched their own social media website after his parents banned him from Facebook.

After his parents said Facebook wasn't appropriate for him, Zach Marks, 11, created his own kid-friendly and safe version of Facebook, called, Local 6 news partner Florida Today reports.

Zach created the site with his 5 brothers and sisters, and together, they created all the characters and the name--Grom, which what a young surfer is called.

Zach's father, Darren Marks, founder of an energy drink and food company based in South Florida, immediately saw the potential for GromSocial in the multibillion-dollar social media market and officially registered it as a company in March.

After officially launching nearly three months ago, GromSocial has 6,800 members around the world. The site gets about 2,000 unique visitors a day and 6,000 or so page views.

Unlike Facebook, parents have to OK their children to sign up for GromSocial land they receive emails of all their children's postings and correspondence on the site. It also focuses on current youth issues, like anti-bullying and anti-drugs.

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