Men stripped, robbed victim before beating, Ocala police say

Cops say victim suffered internal bleeding in head

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Deondri Morant, Antoine Kendrick, Darrell Gordon, Tevin Hargrove

OCALA, Fla. - Ocala police have charged four men with aggravated battery after they say the men stripped another man of his clothing and valuables before beating him so badly he suffered a brain injury.

Antoine "Peanut" Kendrick, 19, and Deondri "D" Morant, 22; have been arrested in the beating, police said. Tevin Hargrove, 22, and Darrell "DJ" Gordon, 24, are being sought on outstanding aggravated battery warrants in the Saturday incident, according to the police report.

Police said the victim, Ralph Alexis, was stripped of his clothing and valuables during the attack at the Spring Manor apartment complex and was beaten by Kendrick, Gordon, Morant and Hargrove.

Alexis was bleeding from his ear and face after being beaten and was unable to stand, police said. The next day, Alexis was brought to the hospital, where it was discovered he suffered internal bleeding in his head and required immediate surgery.

According to police, the witnesses said the fight started with a female alleging someone associated with Alexis had touched her inappropriately. Two additional men are also being investigated as being involved in the beating, one of which was holding a firearm to prevent anyone from helping Alexis during the fight.

Alexis is not able to communicate, has loss of vision and may have paralysis on one side of his body, according to police.

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