Miami-Dade Animal Services rescues dogs believed to be locked in trunk to fight

Activist says 'trunking' practice has dogs fight to death in trunk while owner drives

GOULDS, Fla. - Miami-Dade County Animal Services has rescued a group of dogs believed to be used for trunking, a practice where the animals are locked in the trunk of a car while they fight to the death.

A Good Samaritan called animal services on Wednesday, saying a pet owner in the Goulds repetitively threw dogs in a trunk and let them fight to the death.

"[They] put the dogs in the trunk, lock it up, and they run around, put the music on very, very loud so no one can hear it," Dahlia Canes with Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation told WPLG-TV. "After 10 or 15 minutes, they stop. The dead dog they throw out and the winner keeps going with it."

When authorities responded, they found five adult dogs and four puppies in crates.

"The kennels did not have any water, food, or adequate shelter," said Luis Salgado with Miami-Dade County Animal Services. "They were in feces and urine so the conditions were pretty bad."

Many were covered in scars and open wounds. One of the dogs had teeth marks on his face.

"There are puncture wounds," said Salgado. "One of the dogs had a broken wrist, an injured eye. One of the dogs is just bit up all over the place and [has] open wounds on his face."

Authorities didn't find the pet owner. The animals were friendly with the veterinarians, officials said.

"Usually, dogs that are used for fighting are very loving of their owner. They actually fight to please the owner," said Salgado.

"They deserve better," said Canes.

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