Michael Dunn's girlfriend talks about night of Jordan Davis' killing

Dunn charged with murder in 17-year-old's shooting death

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In a video of an interview with detectives recorded the night Michael Dunn was charged with killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis, Dunn's girlfriend told investigators she never saw a gun in his hand, WJXT-TV reports.

Police said it all started at a Gate gas station when words were exchanged between Dunn and the teens in an SUV over loud music. Investigators said Dunn fired at least eight shots, and he and his girlfriend, Rhonda Rouer, left to go back to their hotel without calling police.

"I asked him, 'Did you hurt anyone?' And he said, 'No, I just shot at the car,'" Rouer told detectives. Her face is hidden in the video per court order.

Rouer talked to detectives about her state of mind as they drove away.

"We were driving scared as well," she said. "I was thinking, this will be chalked up to a really stupid thing being done, and that was that."

In the interview, Rouer said Dunn told her that the teens had threatened to kill him and that's why he opened fire. But she said he never mentioned seeing him with a gun.

When they heard the news that Davis (pictured, right) had died the next morning, she said it was she who insisted they return to their home in Satellite Beach, again without calling Jacksonville police. The reason, she said, was they needed to find someone to care for their dog.

"We need to get home. We need to get Charlie taken care of and take care of Charlie," Rouer said. "And then we can take care of this situation."

Dunn was arrested in Satellite Beach and remains jailed without bond, charged with murder. His lawyer has suggested this might be a "stand your ground" case, but no motion has been filed yet.

Jacksonville criminal defense attorney Randy Reep, who's unaffiliated with the case, says the fact that Dunn never mentioned seeing a gun to his girlfriend right after the shooting could affect his case.

"It sure would be helpful to this case if it was a consistent story that he told her minute one that he told the police two days later. And that's harmful that it isn't that way," Reep said. "Doesn't kill the stand your ground motion, but it does weaken it in my opinion."

Regardless of what his girlfriend told police, Reep also says the only thing that matters is what Dunn tells a judge in court.

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