Minnesota man tosses $1,000 to Black Friday shoppers

Man cited for disorderly conduct at Mall of America

MINNEAPOLIS - A Minnesota man who had been through "a tough year" decided to use the last bit of his money to pay it forward and surprise Black Friday shoppers.

Serge Vorobyov threw $1,000 in cash down to a crowd of shoppers at The Mall of America on Friday as a choir sang "Let It Snow." Vorobyov says he didn't anticipate the positive response he received both at the mall and online.

"I thought I got to do something funny at least have some fun with it and it turned out a lot of people enjoyed it," Vorobyov told Local 6 CBS affiliate WCCO.

Vorobyov says he had been through a number of struggles throughout the past year, including losing his business and going through a divorce. He hoped sharing the little bit of money he had left would create good karma.

"My last effort of pay it forward," Vorobyov told WCCO. "I can't keep up with my bills. I'm losing everything. Might as well have my last little thrill."

Mall security wasn't thrilled with his decision. Vorobyov was cited for disorderly conduct, meaning he must appear in court and pay a fine.

A Mall of America spokesperson told WCCO Vorobyov disrupted the concert on the lower level and could have caused a "serious situation."

Vorobyov says he has no regrets.

"Everyone is having fun," Vorobyov told WCCO. "I think that's what life is about -- just following your heart."

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