Missing 14-year-old girl found after vanishing from Cocoa Beach home

Jordan Taylor Fagan found walking westbound on State Road 528

COCOA BEACH, Fla. - A 14-year-old girl who vanished from her Cocoa Beach bedroom was found safe Monday night in Brevard County.

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Jordan Taylor Fagan was reported missing Monday morning from her home at 105 Park Lane near State Road A1A in Cocoa Beach, and police said the screen on her bedroom window was found to have been cut.

Monday evening, a deputy driving on State Road 528, just west of Port Canaveral, saw Jordan walking westbound along the side of the road. She had not yet made it to State Road 3, police said.

Jordan, who was not injured, was questioned at a sheriff substation and later reunited with family.  She told detectives that she ran away from home and cut the screen so she could leave unnoticed, police said.

She also said she was not aware of the massive search effort, and she spent the majority of the day at the Port, police said.

Between the Cocoa Beach Police Department, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, the man hour estimate on the search is 424.5 hours, according to Cocoa Beach police.

Police said there's no crime against running away, so no charges have been filed.


Police said Jordan's mother's boyfriend was home Sunday night when Jordan went to bed, the last time she was seen at around 10:30 p.m.  Jordan's mother went to wake her up for school Monday morning, and Jordan was missing, police said.

A hole was found cut in the window screen, and it was large enough for a person to climb through, police said. Police are investigating Jordan's disappearance as a possible abduction or a possible runaway.

"Nothing inside the room our outside the room leads us to believe anything criminal in nature occurred," said Major Jay Harmon of Cocoa Beach police. "However, as you are aware as I am, if you have a cut screen, you have an issue."

Police said they are looking into every possibility in connection with the teen's disappearance, including checking on registered sex offenders who live nearby, which is standard procedure.

"This is a surprise to everybody," an official said.

Police also said they have unsuccessfully tried to pick up Jordan's scent in the neighborhood, as detectives went door-to-door questioning neighbors. Although police haven't ruled out the possibility Jordan was abducted they have been checking out several possible sightings.

"One of the calls we got was that a female matching that description was seen walking westbound on 528 at seven o-clock this morning," said Harmon.

Jordan, who attends Christian Prep Learning Center, was described as "very quiet" by her teacher, Kenny Borst, who said Jordan sometimes socialized with classmates but often kept to herself and read a lot.

Borst tells Local 6 he doesn't see Jordan as a runaway.

"Not to me. We're tight knit here she's very quiet, but she does participate in things with the kids," Borst said.

He also said he's told his students and her parents that she's missing.

"I've instructed them to keep their eyes out around town for her, and the fit people to contact just in case they do see her, because they are out and about and they all live in this area," Borst said.

Jordan's father lives on Merritt Island and went to Jordan's home after learning about her disappearance.

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