Mixed reaction to call for foam ban

By Candace Campos - Meteorologist

ORLANDO, Fla. - A new movement in Orlando to get rid of single-use foam products could add the city to a list of metropolitan cities, like Washington D.C. , New York City, and San Francisco who already have the ban.

The campaign is being called "No Foam Zone" and is headed up by Eric Rollings Chairman of the Orange Soil and Water District. The foam "doesn't degrade, it pollutes our waterways and is a hazard to the environment and especially wildlife," Rollings said.

Supporters of the ban believe single-use foam products not only litter public areas but are also harming the environment.

Rolling also added that there are, "single purpose recycling bins in Orlando and it's really great. There are two things that you can't put in there and they are plastic bags and Styrofoam and it says it right on the recycling container."

Supports met Wednesday afternoon to talk about a campaign to recruit local businesses to ban the use of these products, but some local business owners aren't with this idea.

"Our voice isn't heard in these situations. Mom-and-pop places aren't heard it's the corporates that can do a write off and they'll be heard" says Angela Vervitas, owner of Nick's Family Diner.

Some companies like Dunkin Donuts are transitioning into recyclable coffee cups. Some family restaurants like Nick's Diner in Orlando are concerned about what this could do for business.

"It will hurt us and our customers because we will have to up prices or add a surcharge for to go's to cover the difference from Styrofoam to plastic," Vervitas said.

Starting next week local businesses can show their support for the ban, by posting a special "No Foam Zone" sign on their windows.

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