Mom: Daughter knocked out at Disney World parade

Video of incident at Orlando theme park posted on YouTube

ORLANDO, Fla. - A Louisiana mother says her daughter was knocked out during a Disney World parade.

Melissa Browning posted the video on YouTube on Tuesday.  In the video, a girl can be seen dancing with other children in the parade.  Costumed Disney characters are also seen dancing around the children.

Later in the video, a dancer turns suddenly and hits the girl in the head, knocking her down.

"She had a purple eye for a few days," Browning said in an email to Local 6.

She said she's upset because Disney has not contacted her.

"Disney did not respond to the accident or to my email later," Browning said.

She says the dancer did apologize after the incident but kept dancing.

"We were a very stunned and surprised," Browning said.

Browning said she and her family traveled back to Louisiana later that day.

On Thursday, Local 6 reached out to Disney.

"We just became aware of the incident and are looking into it," Disney said in a statement to Local 6.

"Don't let your little ones dance in the Disney parades," Browning posted in a message under the YouTube video.

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