Mom finds Peeping Tom, police make no arrests

Police fail to arrest man who woman identified as Peeping Tom

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ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orlando mother said she's living in fear after she found a man staring through her bedroom window and despite pointing him out to police, he is still on the loose.

"When my husband works at night, I don't sleep," the woman said, who came face-to-face with a man trying to break into her bedroom window at the Bowen Place Apartments. She was in bed and noticed a shadow outside just after 2 a.m. Friday morning.

"He saw me sit up and look at him and we he just stood there. So it was terrifying," she said, "He was looking in my face. When I sat up he saw me and it was the scariest thing ever because the first thing I thought was that I was going to get raped."

She woke up her husband, who yelled and scared the man away. A police report said officers found footprints outside the bedroom window, found the living room sliding glass door tampered with, and finger prints on the glass.

Not far away, officers found someone who matched the description she gave, but after questioning let him go.

"It's just really scary how the police department would just pick him up. They had me identify him. I said that was him," she said. "Why would they let him go?"

According to the report, police let the man go because there was not enough evidence to hold him. Investigators were unable to obtain good fingerprints on the glass.

The woman said she's angry he's still loose -- and possibly nearby -- and she's certain this wasn't just another break-in. She believes the man was looking for a victim.

"If you see someone and you're looking for property, you'll run. If you're looking for something else, then you'll continue to look on," she said. "If I wouldn't have woken my husband up or if my husband wasn't here, he would have, God forbid, done something to me."

Now, she has placed wooden sticks in the doors and checks her locks.

Orlando police are warning everyone to be on the lookout for anyone acting suspicious in the area.

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