Mom meets with school board after son suspended for using finger as gun

Mom takes her fight to Osceola County school board after son suspended

HARMONY, Fla. - The mother of an 8-year-old boy suspended from school for using his finger as an imaginary gun takes her fight straight to the Osceola County school board.

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Bonnie Bennett tells Local 6 she doesn't want her son's action to be considered violent and is vowing to get her son's record cleared.

"I'm here to protect my son and to make sure he's judged and punished appropriately," Bennett told board members.

Her third grade son, Jordan, was suspended Monday from school for using his fingers as a play gun in a game with another student.

"He was playing finger guns. He had nothing in hand," said Bennett.

But staff at Harmony Community School believe otherwise. They said Jordan's actions violated the code of student conduct.

Bennett said her son's record now contains an offense for a threat or threatening behavior.

"There was no violent act, there was no harm, he was inappropriate in his behavior, but that's it," said Bennett.

Karen Hicks has a child that goes to Harmony Community School and spoke at the board meeting agreeing with Bennett.

"If all he did was held up his finger, our government is out of control, the school board is out of control, everyone is out of control, this is ridiculous," said Hicks.

The incident even had board members disagreeing.

"I think it should have been handled differently," said board member Jay Wheeler.

Tom Long, another board member had a different point of view.

"This board cannot and should not interfere with a decision made by a principal or superintendent unless there is cause," said Long.

No decisions were made, but Bennett is scheduled to meet with Tom Phelps, the district's deputy superintendent, to further discuss her son's punishment.

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