Mom stabbed kids to defend her son, Orange County deputies say

Mother faces aggravated child abuse charges

ORLANDO, Fla. - An Orange County mother has been charged with aggravated child abuse after deputies say she stabbed two juveniles trying to fight with her son.

Deputies said 33-year-old Nora Silva confronted two classmates of her son's when they all got off the bus on Richfield Street and Centennial Drive Monday afternoon.

A neighbor's surveillance video captured the fight between Silva's son and at least one dozen other juveniles at around 3:15 p.m., along with Silva and her mother, Esther, getting into a physical altercation.

Silva told deputies she was trying to stop the fight and that she only picked up the knife from the ground, not stabbing anyone. Silva said the juveniles had attempted to fight with her sons in the past and it's an ongoing issue, according to the report.

"I was protecting my kids I did not stab nobody I was fighting, that's what it shows," Nora Silva said. "I was pulling my kids back."

Esther Silva first told deputies it was her that stabbed the boys with a box cutter she carries around for safety to protect her grandchildren.

"I wrote it in my statement, yes it's true, I did it," said Esther Silva. "I'll protect all my children, all my grandchildren and my daughter but I did it, because I got frustrated."

But witnesses identified Nora Silva as the culprit, according to reports. Esther Silva was originally arrested but released when Nora Silva was found with the box cutter in her pocket.

One victim was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital for a stab wound on his back. The other was treated on scene.

Nora Silva was taken to Orange County jail after the box cutter was found in her back pocket, which deputies say was probable cause for her arrest.

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