Moms get into brawl at children's talent show in Central Florida

Women banned from Lakeview Elementary School in St. Cloud

ST. CLOUD, Fla. - A school talent show turned into a brawl between angry mothers, and police say one of the women choked the other in front of children.

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St. Cloud police said what happened between Latisha James and Jessica Tyler was out of control.

It started Friday at their children's talent show at Lakeview Elementary School when, according to police, Tyler asked James to sit down because James was videotaping and blocking her view. From there, things got heated.

James tells Local 6 she did stand up.

"When they announced the second grade class, I was not the only one who stood up," said James.

In the 911 call, Tyler said she was attacked after she accidentally bumped into a child.

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"Once she knocked my baby over, I just snapped," James said. "And she did not say I'm sorry."

Police said the women were swearing and causing a scene in front of children and another parent had to intervene to break up the fight.

The case remains one mom's word against another, but police believe James instigated the fight. By the end, though, both women were attacking each other, witnesses said.

Both women claim to be victims, but James was arrested on charges of battery after police talked to witnesses. 

Local 6 spoke to James on Wednesday who said she was standing up to get photos of her daughter on stage.

"I didn't go to the school with the intention of messing up the show or putting my hands on anybody," James said. "I don't behave like that. I cannot say how much, how remorseful I am.  I am totally remorseful.  I've never been to jail before."

St. Cloud police said Tyler could also face charges, but those would have to come from the State Attorney's office.

Tyler spoke with Local 6 off camera and said she is most upset because she feels she was a victim, and now she can't attend her daughter's fifth-grade graduation on Thursday. That's because neither mom is allowed on school property after the principal asked police to have them trespassed.

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