Monster Jam takes over Citrus Bowl

Citrus Bowl transforms for monster truck show

By Julie Broughton - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - Twelve-foot tall 10-thousand pound trucks are in town.  Monster Jam is happening this Saturday at the Citrus Bowl, and the field is undergoing a transformation to get ready!

"Our number thing is to protect the Citrus Bowl filed.  And other than that, it's entertain the fans that are coming in," said Steve Carmack of Feld Motor Sports.

Carmack tells us, over the next two days, the 3-million dollar artificial turf will be covered with rolls of protective plastic.  Then polyurethane sheets, weighing in at 130 pounds each, go on top of that.  And 280 dump truck loads of dirt finish the base.

 "Believe it or not, dirt is expensive, so Feld Motor Sports owns dirt piles all over the country and all over the world.  We store it here on property.  It raises about 3 feet tall and you actually park cars on it during the year and never know it is here," said Carmack.

The track will be watered to control dust.  Carmack tells Local 6 he and his crew work around the clock the entire weekend, but always look forward to the stop in Orlando.

"We do Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville and Orlando and it's really funny that out of Feld Motor Sports, Orlando is the one that gets talked about when you talk about Florida shows."

Carmack tells us by Sunday afternoon, there will be no remnants of Monster Jam at the Citrus Bowl.  The main event starts Saturday evening at 7:00, and 60-thousand fans are expected.

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