More information surfaces on Palm Coast clerk shot, killed

Detectives dig deep to find clues in shooting of Zuheily Rosado

PALM COAST, Fla. - More information has surfaced on Tuesday about the gas station clerk who was shot and killed while working in Palm Coast last week--including that the woman has at least two disputes with two men in her life at the time of her death.

Zuheily Rosado was found dead on the floor behind the counter of the Mobil Mart Gas Station on East State Route 100 late Thursday night.

[PICS: Surveillance images ]

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office said Rosado -- a 32-year-old mother of six -- died from a gunshot wound to the head. Since there was no clear motive of the shooting, deputies are looking into Rosado's background for clues.

According to court records, in November 2010, Rosado filed for an injunction for protection against the father of 3 of her 6 children, saying he harassed her by calling her more than 100 times and threatened to take the kids from the bus stop.

A judge later denied the request, saying it didn't rise to the level of stalking, records state.

Court records also show Rosado had been in a child support battle with the father of her first child, which dates back to March 1998. Although they had been in court for years, he apparently rarely forked over the $157 bi-weekly payments and as of February 2011 he owed nearly $30,000 in backpay.

"Anything that could conceivably be a motive for something like this is something we would take a look at."

Deputies haven't named any suspects in Rosado's death. Customers told Local 6 they saw Rosado every day and considered her a friend, and can't imagine why someone would kill her.

"We can't even understand it," said Anthony Williams. "Everybody is trying to wrap their mind behind it but we can't do it for some reason. It's real hard for everybody right now."

Deputies released surveillance video and images of the shooting on Monday, in hopes of getting more information on the suspect.

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