More than 200 attend anti-bullying seminar

ORLANDO, Fla. - Days after arresting two girls for bullying a girl who killed herself, one local sheriff is taking more action. Sheriff Grady Judd drew a large crowd to an anti-bullying seminar Thursday night.

More than 200 students and their parents packed a local middle school to discuss bullying. It was a huge response after 14-year-old Guadelupe Shaw and 12-year-old Katelyn Roman were arrested Monday night, after deputies say their tormenting led 12-year old Rebecca Sedwick to commit suicide last month.

Judd said he's been holding these workshops for almost a decade with little turnout, but tonight's meeting hit much closer to home. He told parents that teasing can lead to bullying.

"If you're teased over and over and over again, how long does it take to get under your skin?" asked Judd. "Not very long."

Judd told parents that prevention begins at home and its up to parents to monitor their children's activity on social media.

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