Mother threatened to 'blow up' school, Marion deputies say

Christina Cochran arrested, taken to Marion County Jail

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Christina Cochran.

BELLEVIEW, Fla. - A 30-year-old mother was arrested on suspicion of threatening to "blow up the school" while on speaker after officials in Marion County told her that her son needed help.

Christina Cochran, of Belleview, was arrested Wednesday on charges of threatening to throw, project, place or discharge any destructive device.

According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Belleview Middle School leaders called Cochran to talk about her child, and a Marion County Sheriff's Office school resource officer could hear the phone call.

When school officials told Cochran her child needed help, because he had made threats, she started cursing and made a threat to "blow up the school," deputies said.

Law enforcement officers went to Cochran's home, and she admitted to making
the statement, the Sheriff's Office said.

Cochran was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail.

Cochran said she never meant any harm.

"I have no reason to blow up the school," she said.

Cochran says she was upset.

"Yes, I admit, I cussed him out, because I've had enough, and I turned around to him and I said, 'I've had enough- I've gotten to the point- I'm gonna blow up on the school,'" she said.

However, according to the arrest report, school administrators heard, "I will come up there and blow this (expletive) school up."

About an hour later, a sheriff's deputy was knocking on Cochran's front door.

She was arrested for threatening to bomb or discharge a destructive device.

Cochran says she's frustrated with school administrators.

Her son has a learning disability and she's been trying to get him special help, but feels he's being brushed aside.

"He just needs his help with his learning problems- and all they're doing is constantly picking on him," she said.

Principal David Ellers says parents need to choose their words carefully.

"When you threaten the lives and safety of 1,000 kids, that overrides everything and we have to take measures," he said.

Parent Tammy Hollman thinks the sheriff's office did the right thing.

"I wouldn't threaten the school and if I did I would expect to go to jail," she said.

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