Motorcyclists warn drivers: 'Start paying attention'

Group gathers at intersection after rider's death

OVIEDO, Fla. - For Nicole Cope, it's tough to be back at the corner of Alafaya Trail and McCulloch Road. The busy intersection is where her boyfriend died one week ago.

"He's a great guy, best guy I've ever known. He was doing good, working two jobs, went to church every Sunday. We were just about to get a house," said Cope.

Nicole told Local 6 that her boyfriend, Cullen Ryan, was hit and killed by a driver who didn't see him. Ryan said, as hard as it is, she came back to the intersection Sunday to join a group of motorcycle riders trying to stop further devastating motorcycle accidents.

"It's easy to look a second time to see if there's a motorcycle there. It's not easy to lose someone you love because someone didn't look," said Cope.

Riders said they've lost too many loved ones and they don't want to lose any more. That's why the group said they promise to line the intersection like they did Sunday every time there's a motorcycle accident.

"As long as people don't pay attention, and keep killing our comrades, we will continue to take over intersections," said motorcyclist Kent Ayers. "Let this be a warning. If you don't want to be caught in traffic in certain intersections, start paying attention. Because every time this happens, we will we out in force."

In just a few hours at the intersection, Local 6's cameras caught a near miss.

Video shows a rider changing lanes in the intersection. The driver almost didn't see it in time.

"As much as we have to be careful, so do you," said Micheal Brehne, a motorcycle rider. "With all people talking on cellphone, texting, people are very distracted."

The riders also asked people to sign a petition aimed at drivers who don't have perfect vision. They said the petition urges lawmakers to require vision tests more often, for drivers who wear glasses or contacts.

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