Mudslide bursts through Clermont home during storms

3 feet of mud found in woman's house, officials say

CLERMONT, Fla. - A mudslide burst into and throughout a Clermont home Tuesday night, bringing more than 3 feet of sludge into the duplex.

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Myriam Florido, who lives at the home on Sunnyside Drive tells Local 6 she was at a store during around 9:30 p.m. and when she got home, she couldn't open her front door because it was encased by mud.  The duplex backs up to State Road 50 and is about 100 feet below the highway.

"I'm still in shock," she said. "As soon as he opened it up, the water came out like a river, with shoes and everything coming out."

The mudslide occurred as strong storms ripped through Central Florida for a second straight day.  More rain was falling across the Orlando area on Wednesday, too.

A neighbor helped the woman, and as they opened the door, mud started oozing out.  Three feet of mud covered the entire house, including the back bedroom.

Inspectors were at the home Wednesday to investigate the land and see the damage. The Florida Department of Transportation said the mudslide was triggered by flash flooding on State Road 50, which sits about 30 feet above the house. The storm drains, which were built in the 60s and 70s, are designed to handle a 3-year flood, but last night's storm was a 50-year flood event.

The mud mostly went into the west side of the duplex, busting through the windows and filling the house.

Florido and her husband rent the house and the property management company is in the process of relocating them to a different home. No one was injured during the mudslide.

The tenants didn't have renter's insurance and it's not clear if the mudslide is covered under homeowner's insurance. Most homeowners policies don't cover mudslides and require separately purchased insurance. Flood insurance will cover "mudflow," which is mud carried by water, usually from a river or stream. Generally, if a hillside collapses it's classified as a mudslide instead of a mudflow.

The city of Clermont said the mudslide was reported on Wednesday morning. The city said with more rain in the forecast, the potential for more mudslides and washouts is growing.

The Lake County Sheriff's Office said it has not been involved in the investigation, however, they said they are aware of the situation.

Local 6 News helicopter Sky 6 flew over the scene as workers canvassed the house, which had mud layered up to the window. Workers were cleaning out the house, bringing out furniture from the home covered in mud.

Florido said the furniture, electronics and most of their belongings are ruined.

"But I'm alive," she said. "That's the most important thing."