Murder, Winter Park home invasion suspect in custody

Ricky Lynn Walker, 27, arrested

WINTER PARK, Fla. - Winter Park Police made another arrest Tuesday night in a home invasion and murder where 29-year-old Patrick Jackson was killed in June.

Ricky Lynn Walker, 27, had nothing to say to Local 6 as he was escorted by officers on his way to jail.

He's the latest man officers have linked to Jackson's murder. The first happened last week when 20-year-old Edward Henry was taken into custody.

Police said they broke into a home on Loren Avenue, where Jackson lived, with guns to to rob him, but during the robbery Jackson was shot in the stomach and later died.

Barbara George who lives in the neighborhood says she's relieved.

"I have two grandchildren here who play outside a lot," said George. "Its troubling there is such violent crime right around the neighborhood here."

George says since the murder, she's taken extra precautions.

"I'm more cautious. I make sure the doors are locked a little earlier and I watch what's going on in the backyard and in the streets."

Winter Park Police say they do have a third person of interest and are working to figure out a motive.

Walker will appear in front of a judge on Wednesday morning.

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