Mysterious object ID'd after falling from sky near Titusville home

Fire rescuers ID object as weather instrument

TITUSVILLE, Fla. - A Titusville woman says her Wednesday morning started off with a mysterious object falling from the sky and into her yard, Local 6 news partner Florida Today reports.

Roz Foster was sitting in her just before 9 a.m. when she was alerted by a "thump, thump" outside the window.

"I looked out and there was this orange thing draped over my pergola," Foster, 71, told Florida Today.

She said she found a cream-and-orange balloon.

"And then there was a little Styrofoam box with wire probes sticking out each end of it," she said. "On the top of it is says high-low."

Foster suspected the "high-low" was a reference to voltage, and not knowing what else to do, called for help.

"I didn't know whether it was radioactive … my reaction was I better call about it," she said. "In today's age, it's a shame, but in today's age you think of the worst."

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She called 911, saying it wasn't a "panic situation, but here's what I have," she said.
Brevard County Fire-Rescue spokesman Lt. Jeff Taylor said crews quickly determined the fist-sized device hanging off the pergola of the home in the 3800 block of Rambling Acres Drive in Titusville was a weather instrument, and not a threat.

Fire crews tried calling a phone number on the instrument but said it was disconnected. Instead they will dispose it, parachute and all.

Foster suspects the Wednesday morning surprise is a good sign.

"It is funny," she said. "I said, ‘how many times can that happen in a lifetime?' … I'm going to have a good day today, that's a sign."

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