Nadia Bloom Shares Story Year After Miraculous Rescue

While Lost 11-Year-Old Kept Hope She Would Survive, Have A Future

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. - For four days and four nights last April, nothing else mattered in Central Florida but finding 11 year old Nadia Bloom who had vanished into the woods behind her Winter Springs neighborhood.


Now, nearly one year after her rescue, Nadia has shared her story with Local 6.

Nadia says the first hour of her nature walk was fun because she is fascinated by wildlife. But after awhile, the reality of her situation set in.

?The thing you have to remember about forests is after a while everything starts to look the same,? said Nadia.

Nadia knew people were looking for her, and she did everything she could think of to get noticed.

But for her and her family, their faith was put to the test as the darkness set in with each passing

?The night it rained, I just lost it,? said Nadia?s mom, Tanya Bloom, ?I was just terrified the dogs weren't be able to track her again.?

Finally on the fifth day, Nadia heard the voice of James King, and she knew she was going home.

?I heard my name and I knew that he was going to save me,? said Nadia, ?It was like the best day of my life. It was great.?

For the entire story, as well as what life is now like in the Bloom family almost one year after the rescue, click on the above video links embedded inside this story above.

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