NASA’s Orion capsule lands in Ohio for months of testing

Tests will determine how it will hold up under extreme conditions

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SANDUSKY, Ohio – NASA's new space capsule has landed in Ohio and is ready for its next trip.

The Orion capsule designed to carry astronauts to the moon is slated to be transported by truck across northern Ohio on Tuesday.

Its destination is NASA’s research station in Sandusky, where it will undergo four months of testing to determine how it will hold up under extreme conditions.

The capsule is part of NASA’s plan to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024.

A huge cargo plane dubbed Super Guppy brought the capsule to Mansfield, Ohio, from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Sunday. Crews on Monday spent several hours unloading the capsule and getting it ready for the drive to Sandusky.

Orion’s program manager says the load was the heaviest the plane has ever flown.