Shoppers claim seeing 'ghost' roaming aisles at supermarket

Specter described as woman in Victorian garb

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

WILMINGTON, Mass. (WBZ) - There’s something spooky at a supermarket in Wilmington, Massachusetts. Several shoppers have reported seeing a ghost roaming the aisles of Market Basket on Main Street.

The conversation started in a community Facebook page, where many locals reported seeing a young woman with light skin, long dark hair, blue eyes and dressed in traditional Victorian garb, according to Boston's WBZ. The post has more than 100 comments, with some sharing similar experiences and others laughing at the notion.

“If the rumors are true, it makes this Market Basket a lot more interesting,” said one shopper.

So what would a so-called ghost be doing at a grocery store? Maybe shopping for some “booberries,” or hitting the frozen section for “I Scream.” Too much? OK.

“It’s silly,” one woman told WBZ. She’s among many non-believers in the scary specter. One Market Basket employee was even spotted in a “Ghostbusters” hat — making light of the town gossip.

The rumor provided a laugh for many, and 7-year-old Breannen has the answer for anyone who may encounter the ghost: stand still. “They just like go right through you,” she said. “Because they’re ghosts!”

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