Residents get speed sign, patrols after car crashes through fence

News 6 gets results for residents living on dangerous corner

By Erik von Ancken - Anchor/Reporter

CASSELBERRY, Fla. - Casselberry City Manager Randy Newlon confirmed Tuesday afternoon that people who live on what they call a dangerous high-speed corner are getting several speed signs and increased patrols.

"I have directed that solar-powered speed signs be purchased and installed in the area on Lake Griffin Circle, Plumosa Avenue and North Cypress Way," Newlon said. "The signs will warn motorists of excessive speed and face both directions of traffic. It will take a little time to fill the order and install them. It should get done soon."

On New Year's Eve, an out-of-control driver missed the curve at Lake Griffin Circle and Packing House Drive and smashed through a fence in the front yard, scattering pieces of plastic all over the grass.

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Neighbors said children were playing in the yard minutes before the crash.

The driver took off.

Resident Elaine Eike said it was only the latest near miss on a corner where drivers constantly ignore the 25 mph speed limit.

"It's scary as all get out," Eike said.

After News 6 reported on the crash, Casselberry police placed a portable speed trailer at the corner, but removed it days after.

Recently, residents met with Casselberry City Council members, who, according to residents, had seen the News 6 reports and had promised to install permanent speed signs.

"Thank you for the video. I really think that got their attention because we've been trying to get their attention for a while," Eike said. "You guys really did help us. We appreciate it. Thank you so much."

Casselberry police Capt. William Nas said officers will watch for speeders at the corner.

"I can also confirm that this area of town is one of the places on our extra patrol list for traffic enforcement as officers' duties permit," Nas said. "We are hoping that this will allow motorists to correct their own behavior and become more cautious drivers within our city."

Casselberry's city manager said he's exploring other options to control speed, such as a speed table and possibly a stop sign, which is what residents said would make the most difference.

Resident Laura Quillen said she is hopeful now that the city is listening.

"We've come a long way, thanks to you guys," Quillen said. "Thanks to Channel 6, we're getting some results."

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