New alcohol delivery service targets UCF students launches on Wednesday

By Lisa Bell - Anchor

ORLANDO, Fla. - As thousands of students return to UCF for the beginning of fall semester, a new website is being unveiled that offers alcohol delivery to dorm rooms and doorsteps.

The company,, was founded by a group of college students who hope by launching the delivery service that they will curb drunken driving.

"In 2011 there were over 33,000 DUI convictions in Florida, and we really believe that we can cut down on that," said Jeffrey Nadel, CEO of "If you run out of alcohol at a party, you can keep the party going without having to get behind the wheel of a car and go to the liquor store."

Some liquor stores in Florida have been offering delivery service for years, but Nadel said not many people seem to know that. has now teamed up with those liquor stores to get the word out about delivery and make ordering alcohol as easy as possible.

"People will be able to order here, they select their location, what kind of alcohol they want and agree that they are over 21," said Craig Bolz, COO of and a UCF senior.

Bolz said everything from liquor, wine, beer, even kegs will be available online for delivery until 2 a.m.

Prices will be similar to what you'd find in a store and they hope to eventually offer the service statewide.

Students that Local 6 spoke with had mixed views on whether the website would curtail drunk driving. However, Marketing Director Tony Krueger says the reaction from parents has already been positive.

"Anytime that you can prevent, or just slow down drunk driving, that's what they care about," said Krueger. will start offering the service to students on Wednesday. The website will only process the orders, and the alcohol will still be delivered by actual liquor stores.

Nadel said those stores are highly regulated and already have strict procedures in place to check IDs and make sure they don't deliver to minors.

For example, he says, if delivery drivers fail to properly check IDs or deliver to a location where it is likely minors will be drinking the alcohol, the driver and the store could be held liable.

"As long as customers are over 21, we can deliver to them. It's very similar to ordering pizza, you just have to be 21," said Nadel.

UCF spokesman Chad Binette told Local 6 he hadn't heard about the new company, but said the school offers a variety of nationally recognized programs for students to stay safe and make responsible decisions about alcohol use.

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