New beer-serving technology to debut in Orlando

Bottoms Up to debut at Other Bar on Wall Street this weekend

ORLANDO, Fla. - A new way to serve beer hits downtown Orlando on Saturday, and it's called Bottoms Up.

An inventor in Washington created the technology in 2008, but it'll be debuted at Other Bar on Wall Street this weekend. It marks the first time the system will be used in a bar in the Orlando area.

"It is faster than traditional draught beer. There is less waste than traditional draught beer, and there's a magnet in the bottom of the cup," said Kyle Johnson, marketing manager for Bottoms Up.

Bottoms Up says the technique is simple. Punch a hole in the bottom of a cup or glass and the fill it from the bottom, for a perfect pour each time. The hole is sealed with a magnet, when placed on the Bottoms Up unit, pushes up to allow the beer to fill the glass. Then once removed, the magnet seals the hole, keeping the liquid in the cup.

The unit can be programmed to fill any size cup, leaving the perfect amount of foam and eliminating waste, according to the company.

Beer lover Graham Gal watched the system's commercial and said if it saves time waiting in line, he'd try it.

"I like it. I think it will save a lot of time at the bars and a lot of hassle," Gal said.

Bottoms Up said its system holds the world record as the fastest way to serve beer, boasting 63 pints per minute.

Universal Orlando and the Dunedin Blue Jays have purchased the units, but Other Bar will be the first bar to use the technology.

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