New pay raise plan for council, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer passes

Original proposal would have increased Dyer's salary to $195,500

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Orlando city leaders have passed a pay raise proposal lower than the one that would have given Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and city council members a 21 percent pay raise.

The new raises, which are part of the city's budget proposal, take into account the two percent cost-of-living increase Orlando city workers received over the last two years. It also includes a cost-of-living increase for this year.

Passed at Monday evening's final budget hearing, Dyer and council members now stand to see a raise of six percent this year, which would amount to a total of nine percent over the last five years.   Other Orlando city workers have received a 12 percent increase over the last five years, Dyer said.

"During the tough economic times, we went without a raise, so city workers could still get one," Dyer told Local 6. "We just want to get us caught up with the rest of the workers now."

During the Orlando city council meeting on Monday, Dyer announced that he thought the proposed 21 percent raise was "excessive" and decided to present another proposal during the budget hearing.

"I haven't heard that much push back," he told Local 6, referring to the previous 21 percent raise proposal.  "A lot of people have said I think you deserve a raise, but I think the percentage was a little higher for a one year increase."

Currently, Orlando city council members earn a yearly salary of $49,383. Dyer currently earns $160,892 per year.

Council members Robert Stuart and Tony Ortiz voted against the measure.

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