New Smyrna Beach downs Flagler Palm Coast in HS GOTW 21-7

New Smyrna Beach never trailed in this game

NEW SMYRNA BEACH - This week's high school game of the week was a little drive up I-4 to a nice, beautiful town called New Smyrna Beach.

There awaited the Barracudas of New Smyrna Beach at 2-0 coached by Lance Jenkins and the Bulldogs of Flagler Palm Coast who also were undefeated coming in to tonight's match-up. The Bulldogs are coached by Caesar Campana.

It was a picture perfect night for football, low 80's and packed stands on both sides.

Of course the lovely array of bugs that came out after the lights went on were welcomed as well!

Fortunately however, the bugs were not much of a distraction as the action on the field was intense.

Last year the Barracudas or 'Cuda Nation' as I had it referred to tonight lost to the Bulldogs 23-7 and were determined not to let the same result play out tonight.

The first quarter saw a quarter dominated by the Barracudas on every side of the ball. New Smyrna Beach would take a 14-0 lead going into the second quarter looking very confident of its play.

The score would remain 14-0 until the fourth but I would not be doing the game justice if I did not mention the strong defensive effort from both teams.

Back and forth the possessions went until finally the scoring was broken by a quarterback scramble by New Smyrna Beach's Marcus Johnson which would put the Barracudas out in front 21-0. 

Others having notable performances for the Barracudas was sophomore lineman Matt Thomas, senior running back Diamonte Mitchell and sophomore defensive end Josh Kottowitz.

For the Panthers, though it was a struggle most of the night on offense and defense, seniors Willie Gardner and Darrell Bowens never let their teammates get down and kept the Bulldogs fighting til the final whistle.

When it was all said and down the Bulldogs lost its first game of the season 21-7.

The New Smyrna Beach Barracudas look very good this year, with a lot of young, talented players in the key positions making big plays.

New Smyrna Beach welcomes Pine Ridge next week while Flagler Palm Coast is home against Jacksonville's Mandarin high school.

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