New Winter Park Ale House gets rid of extra fee after customer complaints

1 percent public user fee charged by developer

WINTER PARK, Fla. - The new Ale House opened at Ravaudage, Winter Park's newest shopping center, on Monday and with all the excitement customers may not have noticed something extra on their tabs-- a 1 percent public user fee charged to Ale House by the developer.

After customers at the new Winter Park Miller's Ale House location became enraged from seeing an extra 1 percent charge on their bill, the restaurant went back on its plan for the extra charge.

Ale House is absorbing the charge after a manager says the company didn't want customers to feel like they were taken advantage of.

But as the shopping center grows, residents may see the fee pop up again with other merchants. The developer said the fee will be used to pay for common areas in the shopping center, like the fountain and maintenance.

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