Newborn puppy stolen from Volusia County shelter

Police seek to find puppy after being stolen from Edgewater Animal Shelter

EDGEWATER, Fla. - The Edgewater Animal Shelter was targeted by a thief, a newborn puppy is stolen while workers are inside and police are now trying to help them track it down before it dies.

Bella and her adorable puppies have an incredible bond that was shattered Tuesday afternoon after one of her puppies was stolen right out of a private room.

"We all just sort of panicked and we knew one had been stolen," said shelter director Beverly Cowling.

Cowling said there was no sign of a break-in, in fact she thinks it was planned. Someone just walked in, waited for the right time and took the puppy.

"I can't imagine anyone that could be so evil to take a little puppy from its mother," said Cowling.

The puppy missing is one of seven in this litter. It is light brown and has a white spot on top of her head.

Cowling said the biggest concern is that the pit bull puppy mix is only seven days old and has yet to be weaned from her mother's milk. Without it, the puppy may not survive.

"A puppy taken away from its mother and is not nursing 6 to 8 weeks is not going to make it," said Cowling.

Cowling said the shelter just wants the puppy back, no questions asked and she's pleading the person responsible will hear her message.

"Bring it back. It's just like a child, it's a baby and it needs to be with its mother," said Cowling. "It needs to nursed and nurtured."

Bella and the puppies will be available for adoption in the next couple months.

The shelter does have cameras, but the surveillance company doesn't have the video because their equipment malfunctioned.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact Edgewater police or Beverly Cowling at 386-957-3994.

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