Here's how Central Florida's first responders are humanizing the badge

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By Brianna Volz - Web producer

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office partners with Seminole County Fire Rescue to host Kids Safety Day at Sanford Mall. (Image: SCSO)

ORLANDO, Fla. - When it comes to Central Florida's first responders, it's all about humanizing the badge.

Sure, they do their jobs well by protecting and serving, but what's also impressive is the initiative members of each agency take to build relationships within their community.

That's why the News 6 at Nine team likes to take some time every week to highlight special first responders who are going beyond the call of duty.

We start in Lake County this week, where a mother praised a deputy for his simple act of kindness that kept the woman's daughters dry as they waited to be picked up for school. The mom peeped out her front door to find it was raining at the girls' bus stop. The deputy must have seen the same thing, prompting him to get out of his vehicle and hand them his umbrella. As the girls got on the bus, they thanked the deputy for stopping and waiting with them.

Lake County deputy stops to offer umbrella to girls waiting at bus stop in rain. (Image: TessJason Marcelino)

Some UCF officers are kicking off a brand new year at a brand new campus with a brand new substation, which they showed off just a few days ago. Thank you for protecting the campus and those in and around it. Good luck this year.

If there's anyone we can learn safety tips from, it's our first responders, which is why the Seminole County Sheriff's Office partnered with Seminole County Fire Rescue to host a Safe Kids Day event at the Sanford Mall. The kids learn plenty of important lessons, which included demonstrations on safe driving.

To some, a flat tire may not be an emergency, but to others it definitely can be. Either way, members of the Orlando Fire Department are always down to help. The crews of Engine 6 came to one driver's rescue this week.

Chasing down bad guys, wrangling gators --  Cocoa officers really can do it all. When police got a call about a gator next to a car, they responded, secured it and even did a little show and tell demo for neighbors before relocating the reptile. And now I know who to call next time I see a snake in my yard.

If you watch News 6 at Nine, you may remember K9 Cooper, the Orange County Fire Rescue Department's original comfort dog. The very good boy -- who looks quite handsome in a birthday hat -- just celebrated his 10th birthday, so join us in wishing him a wonderful 10th year. Cooper, may you enjoy many more years of snuggles.

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